Karcher HD Super Class

HDS Super Class

  • The Karcher HD Super Class series handles vast amounts of dirt accumulate every day, reliable Karcher super class models provide indispensable services. Ideal for use in the construction, agricultural and forestry sectors as well as industrial and municipal facilities.

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  • HDS Super Class Specs
  • – Robust, three-piston axial pumps features detergent-resistant brass cylinder head and stainless valves; pumps is protected by pressure switch and over flow valve.
    – Built-in motor protection against voltage fluctuations and excessive temperatures.
    – Single-phase unit features ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for operator safety
    – Low-speed, 4-pole, air-cooled motor runs quieter and cooler than conventional motors thus prolonging its service life
    – Ceramic-coated piston.
    – Rear cable/hose rack provides added convenience.
    – Kink-free, 33-ft. high-pressure hose is easy to wind, with integrated connection inside the gun which swivels under full pressure.
    – Integrated lance holder for easy transport.
    – Parking position for short breaks.

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