Karcher Floor Sweeper KM 90-60


  • Comfortable, extremely compact ride-on vacuum sweeper designed for easy operation and ride comfort. Features forward/reverse traction control, adjustable suction power, an automatic filter cleaning system, pneumatically controlled side brush, and sweeping function that can be switched off when not needed. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Includes a battery indicator and operating hour counter.

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  • Working width with 1 side brush: 45 inches
    Area performance: 74270
    Container (gal): 15.85
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 64.3 / 38.6 / 49.6

    • Built to last, highly reliable.
    • Safety and maneuverability
    • Additional components, e.g. spare canister or manual cleaning attachments can be securely fixed on-board.
    • Logical and clear.
    • All controls are clearly arranged and easy to access.
    • Highly effective filter cleaning for continuous dust-free operation.
    • Compact filter size with long service life.
    • Easy access to the filter.
    • Different practical connections for other accessories.
    • Easy to carry, for example, a litter picker, brush or an additional container.

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