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Your Reputation Precedes You

What Does Yours Say?

Rescue your brand’s reputation with commercial pressure washers designed to blast away mud and muck, revealing a clean, customer-friendly property.

Different industries market their businesses in different ways. Those in the transportation industry might emphasize timeliness and reliability, while those in the hospitality industry speak to their guests’ desire for comfort and luxury. But no matter which industry you’re in, there is one constant: the need to impress customers with the professionalism of your brand.

And let’s face it, no one will be impressed by a building coated with mildew, or vehicles or other heavy equipment slimed with mud and grime.

Yet, reaching out to outside contractors for your industrial pressure washing needs is often problematic. They may be booked for months in advance. When they do finally show up, chances are you’ll need to book them again pretty soon. It’s challenging to maintain your brand’s reputation because dirt happens.

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Your Solution: Karcher Commercial Pressure Washers

Yes, dirt happens every day, but you can fight back with a Karcher hot water pressure washer, designed to easily blast through the toughest mold and grime imaginable. With your own industrial pressure washer at your site, you can effectively curate your brand’s reputation for professionalism and exceptional customer service. Clean buildings, vehicles, and equipment show that you care about your customers, and that you don’t want them visiting a dirty, unhygienic environment.

And now, for a limited time, West Michigan Power Cleaning Equipment is offering a special deal to give Michigan businesses a boost as they seek to recover and rebuild from pandemic-related losses.

You can qualify for 0% financing for a full nine months. That’s almost one year of interest-free financing on some of the most rugged, durable, and powerful commercial pressure washers on the market today.

We make it as easy as possible for businesses of all sizes to afford the powerful cleaning equipment they need to impress their customers, maintain their brand’s reputation, and motivate their workers. (Because let’s face it… no one wants to work in a filthy environment.)

Introducing Our Powerful Line of Hot Water Power Washers

Our zero percent financing offer is valid on each of our popular models of Karcher industrial pressure washers. Choose from:

The Challenger Series Pressure Washer

With a 14 HP Kohler engine

The Barracuda Series Pressure Washer

With 3,000 PSI and 350,000 BTUs

The Challenger Series Pressure Washer

With a 13 HP Honda engine

HDS Compact Class

Liberty HDS Stationary – NG/LP

Liberty HDS P/PE Cage

These are just a few of our most popular models. We also offer several options in multiple classes: upright, compact, and mid-and super-class.

But you don’t need to know the technical details. Just fill out the quick form below or call one of our representatives today. We’ll ask you some questions about your usage needs, and then recommend the hot water power washer that’s right for your worksite.

P.S. Remember to ask us about our 12 Months Same As Cash financing offer!

Get 12 Months same as cash financing!

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