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KM 70/30 C Bp Pack Adv

KM 70/30 C is the successor to the KSM 690. Its design is based on the successful KM 70/20 C. The Main roller brush and side brush are electrically driven, making sweeping corners very simple.The push handle adjusts to 3 different positions and folds for easy storage. The main roller brush and side brush are also height adjustable, making them adaptive to different surfaces. The 12-V battery and corresponding charger are located on-board for convenience.
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adjustable handle

Adjustable Push Handle

Excellent ergonomics due to triple adjustment option. Fold able for space-saving parking.

easy operation concept

Easy Operation Concept

Easy to use program selector switch.

easy to transport

Easy to Transport

Front and rear handles for easy transport, e.g. on stairs.


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