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Cleaning Tips

Check back regularly for cleaning tips and tricks for all of Karcher's superior cleaning products.

Team Broom or Team Sweeper?

Everyone has a preferred method of cleaning floors, but what is the most efficient and effective technique, a broom or a sweeper?

While brooms may be the less expensive option, are they really as good at cleaning as a sweeper? Sweepers can be less labor intensive and faster with little to no upkeep. They are also better cleaning for allergy sufferers and do not kick dirt up into the air,
especially fine dust and particles in difficult to sweep areas like grout area and lines in the sidewalk.

Sweepers provide a removal process rather than a pushing-around method. If you can remove more of that fine soil easily, when it comes to scrubbing you will avoid the mud affect, which will make cleaning that much more of a difficult and longer process.

Be efficient and spend less time cleaning, Team Sweeper all the way!

walk behind sweeper

Sweeper Benefits

Better results. Maximum clean, simply.

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