Discovering Kärcher Autonomous Robotic Vacuum, West Michigan Power Cleaning Equipment, West Michigan

KIRA CV 60/1, Kärcher’s Autonomous Robotic Vacuum, West Michigan Power Cleaning Equipment

Discovering Kärcher Autonomous Robotic Vacuum, West Michigan Power Cleaning Equipment, West Michigan

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Kärcher’s KIRA CV 60/1, an Autonomous Robotic Vacuum

Like all else, the world of cleaning technology continues advancing at rapid speeds. Brain Corp.—a company specializing in artificial intelligence for commercial robots, and Kärcher—a global provider of cleaning technology, have created innovative brilliance with the launch of the first commercial autonomous vacuum, the KIRA CV 60/1.

Improving Efficiency and Productivity One Floor at a Time

The KIRA CV 60/1 is designed to give large-scale businesses an efficient and productive alternative to traditional commercial cleaning methods. This innovative, robotic vacuum can operate autonomously or manually and is strategically manufactured to improve cleaning consistency and coverage. The KIRA CV 60/1 features advanced sensors and cameras that enable the machine to adapt to its environment. Its cloud-based AI software allows it to have optimal navigational performance, with the ability to teach and store multiple cleaning routes.

User-Friendly Controls

The KIRA CV 60/1 enables users to monitor machine functions in manual or autonomous modes, with one simple button to actuate cleaning functions. The KIRA CV 60/1 also provides real-time notification updates and reports that users receive directly to their smartphones when cleaning routes are complete or when a user wants valuable insight into their cleaning operations.

Safe and Hassle-Free Operations

The safety features of the KIRA CV 60/1 are unparalleled. The KIRA CV 60/1 has a HEPA-rated vacuum bag for enhanced health protection and an optimal work environment. The AI software enables the machine to avoid obstacles while safely navigating its cleaning routes without requiring user supervision. The KIRA CV 60/1 is equipped with an integrated battery management system powered by a lithium-ion battery, allowing longevity in operations and efficient charging speed. 

Change the Trajectory of Your Cleaning Operations

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