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HDS Upright Class

The Karcher HDS 1.7/12 U Ed is an entry-level upright hot water pressure washer designed for the professional market. Powerful, robust and incredibly maneuverable, this unit is compact, light, and easy to transport. The HDS upright features a holding clip for the spray lance, power cord storage, nozzle compartment, accessory storage and tank lock, and includes support points for horizontal transport and a step trough for tipping the unit. Includes an integrated detergent injector, adjustable push handles and easy-to-fill tanks for operator convenience.

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innovative upright design

Innovative Upright Design

Effortless transport over landings or stairs. Large wheels for unpaved surfaces.

fresh mesh water filter

Fresh Mesh Water Filter

Efficiently protects high-pressure pump against contamination. Easy to remove from outside.

compact design

Compact Design

Space-saving storage and transport. Spill-proof pump and fuel tank for transport lying down. Ideal for small service vehicles.